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Ways to Give

With your support, we can continue to make South Florida Community thrive

Community Impact

Impact on Our Community

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Get Involved

Become a community partner and engage in a wide range of activities, from volunteering and organizing events to offering resources and expertise. Through this partnership, we not only contribute to the betterment of our neighborhoods but also cultivate a sense of belonging and solidarity that strengthens the bonds within our community. It's a powerful way to foster positive change and promote a sense of unity, ultimately creating a brighter future for everyone involved.

Become a Partner

With your help we can help the Little Havana Community continue to grow and thrive!

Donation Center

Get Help

We are here for you!  Giving community help is a powerful act of compassion and solidarity. Whether through volunteering time, donating resources, or offering support to those in need, it strengthens the bonds within our neighborhoods and fosters a sense of belonging. It's not only about addressing immediate challenges but also about creating a culture of empathy and cooperation, where individuals come together to make their community a better place for everyone. In these acts of kindness, we discover the profound impact of collective efforts in building a more resilient, caring, and vibrant society.

Get Help
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